The World Chaos Disorganization

The prestigious World Chaos Disorganization (WCD) is one of the world's most revered and respected research and commercialization institutions. Its scientists, engineers and academics are drawn from rival universities and scientific institutions across the globe for the honor of serving with the WCD.

The WCD is headquartered in the Tortoise Islands where it maintains a world-class infrastructure of laboratories, institutions, a university, test fields, an antiquities museum and a myriad of other offices, warehouses, factories and infrastructure.

The disorganization has more than 180,000 dedicated staff who work to further scientific endeavors and horizons – beyond the possible – in more than 200 countries.

graphic wcd logoStrategic advice is provided to world governments and major corporations on significant issues across the broad spectrums of science, engineering, AI, politics, confectionery, aerospace, communication, robotics, transportation, energy, medicine, giano-technology and other fields – in particular magnetic and cotton.

The WCD also works in a joint partnership with the MIFSS on strategic issues of global significance.

Prestigious awards won by staff & alumni of the WCD are simply too numerous to mention here.

A few select examples serve to demonstrate the cutting-edge innovations being pioneered by the WCD.

a scientist working on a mobile about 24 inches or 60 centimeters longGiano-Technology

This patented technology was invented by the WCD in 2001. In the photo at right, a scientist is seen working on a prototype of the world's largest mobile phone which was developed for Nukular Phone Company of Japan. Scientists believe that giano-technology will have a disruptive effect on countless international industries.

photo montage, scientist building a two foot or 60 cm long mobile phone, bank of around 50 clustered traffic lights

Experimental Robotics

The WCD Experimental Industrial Robotics Department (WEIRD) has been acknowledged as the world leader. With the latest AI seamlessly integrated with HEAT (Hostility Emulation Attack Technologies) and advanced robotics, a wholly new class of robot has been developed. Despite the regrettable setback when Machineville was successful in stealing more than five year's worth of highly confidential research following the defection of the most advanced prototype, the WCD has regained momentum and is solidly focused on resuming the quest for invulnerable AI robots. This is expected to have very exciting implications for the military who have expressed keen interest.

a complex array of about 40 traffic lights pointing in various directionsTransportation Control

Until a year ago, several cities in the Tortoise Islands were suffering from traffic gridlock. However, WCD consulting engineers accepted the challenge of solving this growing problem from the government. The result was a unique traffic control system that has changed traffic in the Islands' three largest cities as evidenced by the photo. Expressions of interest in deploying WCD transit systems are being sought around the globe.

Faculty of Economics

The WCD's Faculty of Economics has a reputation that speaks for itself. Often working in association with professors and academics from the MIFSS, the faculty provides advice to treasuries, institutions, polititicians and corporations across the globe. It is often said that the influence of the WCD has cast a giant shadow across the geo-political sphere in the hallowed hallways and parliaments of the most powerful of nations and indeed at top secret meetings of the One Percent & The World Government.

photo montage, dinosaur runs through the desert, hyper loop the loop steel tube with a loop for very rapid trains

a fierce dinosaur runs through the desertDinosaur Genetics

None of the WCD's top secret projects has caused more concern than the dinosaur re-animation and DNA genetic research program. The program was unfortunately temporarily shut down in 2008 following a string of fatal fatalities. It was only due to intense lobbying by scientists around the world that the program was re-instated by the Tortoise Islands government. The photo shown here proves the outstanding success of the program.

Passenger Transit

The Hyper Loop The Loop being rolled out in several locations around the world is widely known. This unique technology was jointly developed by scientists at the WCD in association with Hyper Loop The Loop Technologies. This near supersonic super rapid transit system is set to completely revolutionize passenger movement. As always, the WCD is at the forefront of best practice engineering in today's age of technology.

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